About the Checkout Processs

About the Checkout Processs

Ordering online can be a stress free way to shop, Right?

Yes it can be a stress free way to shop, sit in your fav chair with a cup of coffee, no crowds, no parking problems. Once you have found what you are looking for and add it to your cart your thinking great, now just have to checkout.

The checkout process can be a wee bit more stressful, more so if you have not created a customer account first with all your details that are transfered to the shipping page,

At the shipping page this where delivery costs (if any) are added to your purchase,  at Australian Variety store we have been given multi cost for Metro, Reginal, ACT, and Remote, which tends to be  alot more inputs so we place on the product page if there is any costs this message, Note: Delivery costs for ACT and Reginal states are added automatically at the checkout, 

If you see this message you will know there is a cost for delivery, as Metro has not been added to the message then delivery is free. Delivery costs are dependant on your Postcode. now if you see this Message "Note: Delivery costs are added automatically at the checkout."  This means there is a delivery cost everywhere in Australia.

Now there is No reason to not buy the product you want, if your not sure of the delivery cost to your postcode reach out to us and we will be able to give you the excate pricing for any delivery,

Now in the checkout Payment page, This is where you choose if you want to pay with: PayPal, Credit card, or BNPL options, ok sounds easy enough right, but suddenly a pop up for Shop Pay comes up, you suddenly get a text for the passwrd to Apple pay/Google pay, You do not have to use this option, just click the X to close it and continue to your prefered payment option. We added Apple Pay/ Google Pay as a lot of people now choose this payment option online as it is another very secure way to pay.

So instead of missing out on your purchase by leaving the checkout before finishing you can rest assured that we only use the safest ways to protect you and your payment options

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