Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later

These days it is very easy to get caught up with all the Buy Now Pay Later options. Easy, Convenient, and easy repayments, which means you can get your purchase sent to you right away.

Now with Buy Now Pay Later with No inerest on the loan you get that value for money feeling which makes you feel good, can afford that Gift or something for the home.

Don't get caught out!! Buy Now Pay Later does mean just that, But if you start missing Payments there is a penalty rate that is then added onto your Account, Keep missing payments, then comes the debt collecters which you Don't Want!!

As we all know once the debt has been placed in the collecters hands this then puts a default on your credit score, once this has been done no other BNPL option will sign you up, so what your left with is having to pay in full the amount of the purchase.

Now you do have an option if you do get into Money worries and we have at sometime or another, your best bet is to talk with your provider First. They are more willing to help you before you get into another debt. They have ways to spread your payments for a bit longer, which can involve paying a lesser amount each week/fortnight, and if you keep to the arrangment you have agreed to your credit score will not be affected.

Inconclusion Consider your budget before commiting to any BNPL option, Australian Variety Store does not have any say what so ever when it comes to any decision made buy our BNPL Payment Options.