Christmas Lights, Trees and Inflatables

Christmas Lights, Trees and Inflatables

Christmas 2021

Like many Australian's that are getting let down by Kmart's lack of Christmas stock and blaming the Pandemic slowing delivey to their warehouse and store. You would honestly expect a store as big as Kmart would actually think ahead right? 

At Australian Variety Store we still have plenty of Christmas Stock waiting for you to order. Below is some links to our lights, Trees and Inflatable decorations, we will also add the amount of stock available for each product.

Christmas Trees

    Christmas Inflatables

      Christmas Lights

      Catch these products early, the Instock amount is up to date when we wrote this blog. Stock amounts change daily, Order today so your not disappointed when we sell out. See more at our " Christmas 2021 collection" Save 20% off all Christmas 2021 Products until December 10 2021.

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