Community Social Media Site

Community Social Media Site

Community Social Media Site.

Community is our own New Social media site created to give our Customers, their Friends and Family a safe place just to socialise. With being a member of Community you are free to join in groups, Discussions, ask us questions, see new release products and so much more, You are also free to create a group, start a discussion or Topic.

Stats are showing people like yourself are looking for new Social Media sites that give them a bit more freedom and not be censored and not be stalked or get harrassed. This is why we created this site.

Australian Variety Store runs and owns Community and does advertise products, Member only discounts and the groups we have already made will receive group discounts, and all the while you are free to check these out, ask questions on products.

Once you become a member you can also invite your Friends and Family to join as well, that way our Community will grow. Now you will be wondering how to join, there is two ways to join, We will send email invites to you, you can send email invites out to your Friends, or just click on this Link, and you will go to the signup page.


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