Wholesale Customers

We have now added a Wholesale customer contact us form on the Website.

To become a Wholesale Customer Fill out the form and we will contact you with all the details.

As Australian Variety Store grows our main Number 1 mission is Customer First. we will never treat a customer as a number but as they really are a real Person. Without our customers, we might as well close shop. I can tell you from first hand that a lot of Online Shops really don't treat customers how they should. Like one my Wife purchased off a while ago, they still send me their emails and Prices for the same Products we sell, Makes perfect sense to compear Prices and without changing our price we still bet them, but just goes to show how little they think of us as customers. even the emails are not personalised.

So whether your a Retail Customer or a Wholesale Customer we have your back and welcome you to the Australian Variety Store Family.

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