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COVID-19 Prevention Page

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As we go through this unprecedented time We have Updated our Policies, This includes Terms and Conditions, Shipping, Refunds. These policies needed to be updated so we keep each other safe.

To keep you safe, Organise with the courier company a safe place to leave your delivery, even if your at home, if you meet the driver stay at least 1.5m apart. Once you bring your delivery indoors remove the cardboard immediately and dispose in the recycle bin, Wash your hands with soap and water, and if you want you can also use hand sanitiser  as well. All delivery companies do not need to get your signature as part of their COVID-19 terms to keep their drivers safe. The following may look like a boring read, but are an essential read to be able to serve you fully.

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24/04/2020 Update.

As the Australian Government look to relaxing some rules due to Australians have started following the Isolation Rules and have started flattening the line. Yes we still have some more cases, and that may happen for a while yet.

What can we do? Simply kept 1.5m rule when out and about doing your shopping etc, and stay at home as much as possible, and as Australian Variety Store has Advised, if your expecting a delivery as soon as your informed of the carrier and your tracking number comes live on their Track 'N' Trace site, contact them for a safe place to leave your parcel even if you're at home, this protects you and the driver.


Some restrictions were lifted here in Queensland and other State, Generally everybody were respecting the social distancing and were well behaved. To be able to keep these restrictions down we all need to work together and keep not only yourself and Family safe, but everyone around you as well.

Deliveries going through Australia Post are being delayed by the share volume of Parcels being sent. They are doing their best to get everything out in time, but have suspended Next Day Delivery due to restricted Flights, so most have to go on road delivery. The drivers are all working hard, so if you are waiting for your parcel, when it does arrive even late, give the driver some encouragement and not abuse them. 


As Victoria goes into full lock down we may expect delays in deliveries. 


Now Victoria are now in Stage 4 Lockdown with Tougher rules and curfews there is some confusion over work,workers,deliveries etc, which has a flow over effect on delayed deliveries. Now that the Queensland Hard boarders are up preventing Travelers from Victoria, New South Wales and The ACT crossing over the border, delays for freight to get over the border has slowed delivery times as they are caught up in the Cue of travellers trying to cross the border, and some are checked for people trying to sneak in. We will update when we have more news.


Australia post is still warning of delays right across Australia while they are swamped with more parcels they have not seen since Christmas. With this COVID-19 outbreak they have taken steps to keep their staff save, dividing their sections in the warehouses, Break Rooms even toilets. Rapid response teams if someone comes down with the virus. Their delivery staff have to wear masks when dealing with customers, and delivering the mail. The way you can keep safe is to notify the courier company no matter who it is, to leave in a safe place even if you are home at the time of delivery. depose the wrapping or cartans immediately and wash your hands with soap or use a Sanitiser. 


with the announement that Perth is going into Full Lockdown for the next 5 days, we are waiting to hear from our couriers if there will be delays in sending frieght to WA during this period.  We will keep this page updated

Keep up to date with our COVID-19 Blog pages, here you will find the most updated news.