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Credit/Debit Card Terms and Conditions

Credit/Debit Card Terms and Conditions

It is Sad that we have to do these Terms and Conditions for the use of Credit/Debit cards for our site. We have had 4 Attempted C/C Fraud detected and the Sale blocked. Our Credit/Debit card Processing partner is with eWay who have the best and Strongest Fraud Detection in Australia, which is why we partner with them. The Following Terms Apply.

  1. You must be the owner or have express Permission to use the Credit/ debit card on our site.
  2. The Credit/Debit card you use must Come from an Australian Credit Card or for Debit Cards must be with an Australian Bank.
  3. With our Arrangement with eWay NO Credit/Debit card from an International Bank or Credit Card Company will be Processed and the Sale will Not go through.
  4. Have sufficient Funds to Complete the Sale.
  5. If you are Pinged to us as a high Fraud Risk you will be banned from all Australian Variety Store Website, and your Account with Australian Variety Store will be Deleted.
  6. If at any point eWay detects Fraud or a non-Australian Credit Card or Debit card, your details will also be forwarded on to  PayPal to prevent this service being used for Fraudulently sales.

If at anytime you discover your Card has been used without your permission firstly contact your bank As Son As Possible, Then Contact Australian Variety Store by writing to us at: info@australianvarietystore.com.au 

If you follow these Terms and Conditions you will not have a problem with the Sale.


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