Price match Terms and Conditions

Price Match Terms and Conditions

  1. Must be the exact Product
  2. Must be an online Store
  3. Must be instock
  4. You must have an account with us or Willing to open one.
  5. You must send the online store Address for us to check via Whatsapp or Through our Facebook messenger  both links are on our Website.
  6. You must indicate you will buy the item when you get approval to Price Match once we give you the reply, as you will be sent an invoice with the New Price.
  7. Shipping costs if any cannot be used with the price match, only Retail price.
  8. Price Match is not Available on Group Buy  as the products have already  Discounted to our Lowest Price
  9. Qoin Customers are not eligable for the price match Gaurantee.

Australian Variety Store reserves the right to refuse to Price Match if the price you are seeking is below our Cost Price.

An Account is needed to send a invoice via email to you, and if you wish to use Buy Now Pay Later payment options, Without an account a email address is required for us to send to send a PayPal invoice to you. Failure to provide these will result in us being unable to provide a Price Match price.